Organisation of Space

Importanne Center conceptually combines business, residential and shopping environment into one unique complex. Shopping center across an area of more than 8500 square meters where you can visit exclusive shopping attractions as well as some of the brands you are already accustomed to.

Business Center is made of three distinctive office towers which are interconnected, forming a unique landscape of open office space with flexible offices directly accessible from central hallways.

Importanne Apartments are located on the southern side, facing the popular Wilson’s park and the peaceful neighbourhood of the future diplomatic district. Three residential towers are linked together by common communication, creating a unique residential neighborhood.

Importanne underground parking facilities provide visitors with 425 parking spots at levels -2,-3,-4; this fully covers all the needs of prospective users.

The square in front of Importanne is rich with green lawns and open-air cafés for a sunny afternoon experience. The fountain represents a unique landmark of Importanne Center and this part of the city in general.

Second phase includes construction of two more towers on the Western side of the complex, where Importanne Hotel (5 star) is to complete the architectural design of Importanne project.

1 Apartments
2 Offices
3 Sparkasse bank
4 Shopping
5 Importanne Square
6 Parking