The Project


Importanne Center represents a composition of six distinctive towers which are creatively joined together into one unique architectural concept.

The Business Center is made of three office towers located on the northern side of the complex, while as the Residential Center faces the southern side with 3 apartment towers and 43 apartments in harmony with the latest international standards. Both, Business and Residential towers are directly linked to Importanne Shopping Center and underground service facilities.

The facade is rich with greenery which sprawls over the entire building forming extraordinary “vertical gardens.” On each floor there are green plants that will grow and crawl along the walls of Importanne Center. The dents formed on the facade of each tower break the architectural monotony and serve as a linking element pointing to architectural and functional links between the towers.

High quality modern materials with bright motives were used for interior decorations where the elements made of glass and eternit dominate.

Second phase of the project includes a construction of two more towers on the Western side of the complex, where Importanne Hotel is to complete the architectural concept.